SO Many Reasons Why We Like to Collect Dolls…

Hello!  I’m happy to be back with you here again!  Tomorrow will be June 1st!   We will soon be into the full swing of summer fun and activities here in the Midwest, USA.   I hope the weather is nice in the area that you call home.  In recent weeks, I have been asked on several occasions “why do I like/collect dolls?”  To me, it seemed like an odd question as many people collect many different things in life.  After giving the subject some thought, I came up with several “reasons” why people collect dolls.  Please grab a cool drink and sit for just a moment to read through this post to see if any of the ‘reasons” fit you…..

You’re in GOOD company if you love to collect dolls of any kind.  “Doll People” are good people.   Some famous people, such as actress Demi Moore and actor Johnny Depp, collect dolls.  Some collect dolls because they are full of personality and charm.  You may collect purely for investment purposes.  After all, an original and mint condition G.I. Joe doll can bring in a pretty penny, as can a rare, vintage, or designer Barbie doll.  You probably already know that not all dolls are worth a fortune, so there may be other reasons behind your collecting – such as…..

You Love Antiques – Some of the most beautiful antiques are dolls.  Antique dolls are also accessible and can be kept in small spaces and moved when necessary, unlike a large piece of antique furniture.  Antique dolls can also be affordable.  China, or porcelain dolls from the mid-1800s can be relatively inexpensive to collect.  If you love antiques of all kinds, dolls can fit in well with other collections such as vintage toys, trains, and Christmas items.  It is widely debated as to what makes a doll antique.  In general terms, a doll that is at least 100 years old is considered to be antique.  A doll manufactured before 1960 may be called vintage.  Finally, a doll made between 1960 and 1980 might be considered a modern collectible.  

You’re a History Buff – You may just love historical items.  Dolls from various eras are considered iconic.  Consider a Barbie from 1966 or a bisque doll made in either France or Germany during the 1800s.  You may find it appealing to focus on one time period in history and the dolls that were manufactured then.  Visiting doll museums and attending historical lectures can give you great pleasure.  Studying up on dolls from your favorite era can offer you a wealth of knowledge.  

You Love Vintage Fashion – Oftentimes, it is a love of vintage fashion that calls to doll collectors.  Through dolls, you can collect fashion history.  You might be drawn to outfits with hoop skirts, pantaloons, layers of outerwear, formal gloves, and hats.  Or you may adore the mod look of vintage Barbie dolls in mini-skirts.







You Like Sewing Costumes – Costuming is a skill you can use on dolls.  You may love to sew literary-era costumes,  simple baby doll or children’s play outfits for your dolls.  You can find a plethora of sewing patterns available for dolls of all types, from American Girl to Barbie to Patti Playpal to antique dolls.  Finding miniature and to-scale materials, buttons, and trim is half the fun.  

Nostalgia Warms Your Heart – You may have come into doll collecting after coming across a group of your childhood toys.  Nostalgia may have hit you hard! Some collectors fervently try to find and replace lost childhood toys and dolls to honor their youth.  It can be a poignant moment when recapturing the joys of your childhood.  

Dolls Brighten Up Christmas – If you collect vintage or antique Christmas ornaments, you may also collect equally ornamental dolls.  Dolls can make beautiful displays under or next to  a beautiful, dazzling Christmas tree.  

Dolls Soothe Your Soul – Dolls can look so lifelike that they can soothe your emotional needs.  If you are feeling lonely or grieving, the presence of your doll collection can make you happy.  Sometimes a collection of dolls helps you uncover and let loose emotions that need to be expressed.  If you’ve ever talked to a pet before, you will understand the power of having a doll nearby when you are feeling a bit blue.  

Dolls Fit With Your Decor – You might like decorating with dolls.  A single doll is a dramatic accessory that can become the focal point in a room.  A period doll in a room decorated from the same era is an especially thoughtful decorating touch.  You might prefer placing a larger, almost life-size doll on an antique chair that you want  to preserve.  Or, organizing a larger collection can make a classic backdrop to a room.  A display of Barbie dolls dressed all in red ball gowns can make a striking collection, for example.  

You’re Carrying On a Tradition – There are people who have inherited an estate from a mother, grandmother, or other beloved family member who was an avid doll collector.  You may have strong feelings of keeping the collection rather than selling it.  Continuing the collection, researching the origins, and identifying the value of the dolls can be a way to honor and to feel close to a cherished family member.  

You Just Think Dolls Are Cute – Many dolls are cute.  Remember the Cabbage Patch Kids?  What is considered cute to one collector may not be to another.  Sometimes miniature dolls are sweet.  Or how about the pouting face of another stye of doll?  As human beings, we are drawn to cute items and objects.  Cute dolls can fill you with joy, make you smile, and bring out your most tender and compassionate feelings.  

Celebrity Dolls Are Fun – A celebrity doll is created in the likeness of a famous person.  The concept is actually much older than most people think.  Commemorative dolls celebrating the birth of royal babies and marriages of royal couples are common.  Today, many collectible dolls in demand are celebrity dolls modeled after singers, actors, and dancers.  You will find vintage dolls that look like Shirley Temple, Cher, Dolly Parton, or Marilyn Monroe, for examples.  There are even celebrity Barbie dolls, the first one was a likeness of a supermodel, Twiggy, and produced in 1967.  

So, let me ask you….did you see yourself in any of these scenarios for being a doll collector?  I honestly found myself in several of these reasons for doll collecting, depending on the doll being collected.  For whatever the reason you collect dolls, whether your collection is large or small, dolls are something that bring joy to our hearts.  They pull us together as a “tribe” if you will.  As I stated early in this post – doll people are good people.  We all have our own personal reasons for our collecting of dolls.  To me, one of the most important reasons not mentioned is preserving that antique, vintage, or modern collectible doll….they may produce copies, but the originals are pieces of doll history and deserve being preserved.  

Well, that wraps up the BabyBoomerDolls post for June.  I hope you have enjoyed it and I hope you could find yourself in at least one of the reasons that dolls are collected.  Enjoy your dolls!  Share your passion for collecting with others!  Enjoy the hunt for that special doll!  

Until next time we are together…Be Safe.  Stay Well.  Most of all Be Kind.  Share your smile with someone today!

Big Hugs,



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