How Will I Ever Decide?

Happy September!!  I am hoping for the heat wave we have been having to pass and the weather begin to cool down some.  Has it been hot where you live?  I hope you have had a good summer and enjoyed the kids being out of school, possibly some travel, or whatever brings you happiness.   In the meantime, pull up a chair and a cool glass of lemonade and “Let’s Talk Dolls” for just a bit!


 Has anyone gotten any new dolls lately?  If so, were they large, medium, or small dolls?  I must admit, I have added to my collection considerably this summer.  So much so that I am now to a point where I need to thin down my collection…..that seems like such a daunting task to me.



In short – my doll room just needs more real estate.  I’ve suggested to Mr. BabyBoomerDolls that we add on to the house….it certainly didn’t take long for that idea to be rejected!  He countered with maybe thinning out some of my dolls would be a viable option.  Well, to me that was like saying get rid of one of your children!! WHAT could he have been thinking? I am very efficient at getting the most out of my space, but even I know that I am to the point where some drastic decisions have to be made in regards to my beloved doll collection.  It just isn’t physically possible to squeeze any more dolls into that room.  I am not a person who wants to put my dolls in a box in the top of the closet and look at them occasionally either.  I want them to be seen and appreciated for the treasures they are.  (I should keep this thought in mind – that they will be going to places where they will be appreciated for the treasures they are.).  So…….I guess I know where that leaves me…..



Next issue – HOW to decide which ones should be rehomed?  Which ones can I live without?  I have personally restored most of my dolls, so I have an emotional investment in them also.  There are dolls that are restored and I know that their stay here will be shorter because I always knew that they hadn’t found their forever home here.  I knew that they would move on and be enjoyed by someone else.  But, my Toodles dolls, on the other hand, I’ve known they would stay here with me and the same for my Gerber babies.  My PlayPal dolls!  They can take up some huge chunks of space in a hurry!  Again, I really have no desire to part with any of them.  I searched for some of them for years to find one that I could afford to purchase.  I dreamed of having those dolls in my collection!  I enjoyed the challenges that seeking each one out presented, the satisfaction of restoring them brought and the new skills each of them taught me.  In spending that much time with a doll, a bond develops.  Now to someone who doesn’t collect dolls, that statement sounded like I’m a crazy woman.  I’m really not – but I know I am going to have to make some difficult decisions in deciding which dolls I am comfortable with finding new homes for.  



I have started parting with some of my smaller dolls and even graduated to some of the medium size ones.  I think they have gone to good homes.  Just this week I listed my Debbie Ann doll in my Etsy shop.  I searched for what seemed like forever for that doll and she is in such wonderful condition.  I know that to find another like her would be a daunting task.  You’re probably asking yourself how did I come to the decision to start with those few?  Well, here is what I did…I took the dolls that I thought I would part with and put them “out of sight and out of mind” so to speak.  I literally put them where I couldn’t see them for a couple of weeks.  During that time period, if I didn’t miss them terribly, I knew it would be okay to part with them.  I didn’t like the idea, but I knew I could do it.   I thought this was a better solution that putting their names in a hat and drawing one out!  


When you are faced with the decision to part with some of your dolls, do you have a method for doing so?  Is it that your space limitations have filled to capacity or that your tastes have changed and your collecting has gone in a different direction?  How do you decide? 

I am still struggling with the decision of which dolls I will part with, but I know that there are other collectors out there that have been looking for just that doll and they would enjoy giving one of my dolls a good home.  For now, Debbie Ann and some of my large companion dolls, along with some of the smaller dolls will be in need of good homes.  You will probably see them listed in my Etsy shop.  I also sell some of them via private sale.  If you should see one of them, please know that it was with great difficulty that the decision was made to find them new homes.  It was a process and was not taken lightly.  


In the long run, it will be the best thing to do.  Still, it makes a part of me sad.  It feels like parting with an old friend. It leaves my eyes teeming with tears…

Anyway, this is the dilemma that I am currently faced with.  I appreciate your taking the time to read this and letting me vent my grievances for the lack of proper doll real estate at this time.   Until we can get together again, please be safe, stay healthy, and above all be kind to one another! 









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